Hell Has No Fury Like a Woman Scorned…

I sat back and watched while you replied to my blogs. It is my style not to get involved while the readers duke it out. A style, albeit, not so fashionable! But the silence has to broken, and the questions must be answered. So here it is to you, my devoted readers. My last entry on this subject:

[edited out]I realize that I did share a personal story and opened the door for unsolicited advice and in a few cases even insults. For that, no one is to be blamed but me. Nevertheless, the journey was worth it! I enjoyed every moment of it!

Abused? No, I am not. In denial? Again, no, I don’t think so. While writing my blog, intentionally, I left out the account of the events that followed the exchange between my husband, father-in-law and me. It was too personal, too ugly. I didn’t want to go there once more…

Suffice it to say that blood was spilled. (Figuratively speaking, of course!) But none was mine. Egos were crushed, but not mine. Heads were turned, but not mine. Apologies and regrets were uttered; none from my lips. Lessons were learned; a few by me.

Then came the healing, the time for forgiveness. Forget I shall not till the day I die.

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