A Happy Birthday with Namjoo!

OK! No more I’m fourty! I have to start saying I am in my 40s! Scary? Hmmm? I have to be honest, sometimes I think well I have done quite a bit in my life, but something is clinging on me that there are some to be done too. However, I don’t want to linger on them today, because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! I have a very nice friend, sent me an e-card and hoping me to get wiser by day. My reply was I hope that too, however, there in my list of wish there was a typo: wider! I believe that’s what has happened to me lately:)

I had an early gift yasterday: going to the “solo” concert by Namjoo!!!!!! YES! If I respected the guy so far, now I double it up. He is not only a musician, it is not only his voice, but the words he put together, and how he plays his 3-taar in a jazz and blues mood, he is great in satire. And if you were not in Iran in “DAheye Shast” like my husband, you can’t understand what he’s refering to. He is so humble and shy, unlike other showmen, that drew poeple (including me) more toward him. If anyone lives in LA area, I urge you to see his cncert tonight. It was worth it for me going 2 hours drive to hear and seeing him close-up. I am not making a hero out of him, but what he has done to the music deserves an applaud at least from my part.

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