Fact: Ahmadinejad the 13th Imam


I don’t think you will find a person who hates Ahmadinejad more than yours truly. I can easily pull the trigger as the executioner of a court of law if there was ever such an opportunity.

But when I listen to him talk about world politics, I become mesmerized. I agree with almost everything he says about foreign policy of the U.S. and maybe half of what he says about Israel. Although I support the State of Israel and take their side vs. Palestinians any day of the week, I agree with some of the things Ahmadinejad says about heavy handedness of Israel’s government when dealing with Palestinians.

In any case, I subscribe to the opinion that Israel’s existance is of paramount importance to Iran and the Mullahs know it. If there were no Jews in the Middle East to hate, Persians would the Jews of the region, needing to fend off the Arabs. Don’t forget the Shiet and Sunni issue either.

I also believe holocaust should be a non taboo item, open to discussion and research. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe it happened and the Jews need to be protected by the world community so it does not happen again; to them or to any other religious, ethnic etc minorities. But nothing should be off limit for discussion.

So during these interviews, I sort of root for Ahmadi on one hand and then I get so angry about his responses about Iran that I want to reach into the TV screen and choke the bastard.

Are you also conflicted?

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