The Parasite and a very sick Empire

The Parasite and a very sick Empire


The business district at downtown Detroit, MI surrounded by low income neighborhoods, is typical of many east cost cities. It has been steadily shrinking for the past several decades. Soon after dark, businesses close shop and the surrounding area goes dead except for a few night clubs.


This is what I am talking about … It is the dawn of a new American Century


What is even more strikingly typical is the deep seeded fear seen in the faces of white suburbanite business men if any are wondering around after 7:00 PM.


After 9-11 and the Iraq war, this fear, though in different form, has been exported across cities and continents to many more faces. Fear of course is a commodity Israelis are very intimately familiar with and peddle very well. State of Israel after all was born out of war and terror. On daily biases, Israel continues to exercise its right to terrorize whom ever it deems as “terrorists”.


For the past several decades, there has been a systematic psychological warfare campaign to demonize all people of Middle Eastern (M.E.) background especially the Muslims (secular or not). All Zionist apparatus from mass media to Hollywood has been used for this purpose.


The experience of terror is the “valuable commodity and the future vision” Israel wants to share with USA. This is how Israel defines the context in which it will hope to remain relevant and ultimately use its influence to shape US interests and M.E. policies.


WAR and Terror are existential necessity for state of Israel.


The Palestine Petri dish is the microcosm of what Israel had wished the US would reshape/remap Middle East into and in the process, it had hopped, USA itself would turn into an image of Israel.


“The zionist power configuration’s primary loyalty is to the state of Israel and its policy is designed to colonize the US congress… to the benefit of the ‘mother country’, Israel


“The colonization of American government will only end with creation of a real fifty state democracy in the U.S.A. , which could help bring about a real one state democracy in Palestine. Unfortunately, anything less will mean much more pain and suffering, possibly of epic proportions. And not only in Palestine, and not only for Jews.”

— James Petras


Right after the 9-11, we had Israeli security think-tank suggest that American families like many Israelis avoid going out shopping at the same time to minimize losses in case of an attack. In fact, the business of terror has been very good for many Israeli security businesses which have obtained lucrative US contracts.


Just recently, we had AIPAC pushing legislation for naval blockade of Iran in hope of a creating prerequisite to war.


AIPAC draws its influence from the same gang of criminals who have brought US economy to brink of bankruptcy.  According to one commentator


Pedigree or not, these criminals are Zionist and they must be exposed.

  One thing America must do is cut Israel loose. It is a menace and an abomination and a lot of America’s present difficulties can be traced there, one way or the other. Judgment is coming folks and I don’t think it matters where you think that judgment is coming from; from some divine agency or just the consequence of stupid, self interest where the numbers do what numbers do. No matter what you may believe or not believe you surely know that there is balance in the world and when it goes missing it will adjust itself no matter where you are standing and without a thought for you.  


Bellow is video on a discussion by Greg Felton titled “The Host and The Parasite”


Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.


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