Wedding count down …. the stress of it all.

My daughter is about to get married. We’ve been planning and more planning for the past year and finally it is only a few weeks away now. For months we’ve been poring over dresses, tiarers, veils, shoes hairstyles etc and thats just for the bride! So many details have had to be considered… the guest list has been a nightmare process and now the seating arrangements!!! who sits next to who and who sits near the front, the middle and the back… oh my!! Where to sit old aunt Ethel ( grooms side!!) whose as deaf as a door post anyway.. so does it matter?!! From the flowers, photographers, decor, lights, meals, speeches, music,  organising and dressing bridesmaids and she had to have 4 of them, to petals on the marriage bed! You wouldnt believe  the complxity of it all and how time consumming it has all been. I wont talk about stress!  I haven’t got time for a nervous breakdown! And I hope my younger daughter isn’t planning to get married for a while yet.

However today we went for the final fitting of her very expensive dress and it all seems worth it. She looked stunningly beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes.

I have no doubt the next five weeks will be more crazy than I have time to imagine.

 Javaneh on the verge.

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