Open letter to President Obama

Los Angeles, November 5 2008

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations on your presidency and thank you so very much for preventing a third term of G.W. Bush in the White House. Just the idea of McCain & Palin in charge of the executive branch makes me fully constipated.

Now, on behalf of hundred-million-plus in the U.S. and billions more throughout the world, I would like to ask you to put G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Don Rumsfeld, Paul Wulfowitz, Ron Pearl, and 17 more people (see enclosed list) in jail for the remainder of their filthy lives after they are tried in the International Court.  For crimes against humanity as well as giving away more $ to their friends in 8 years than 3 billion people on earth would make in a life time, combined.

Please don’t be like that no good whore Nancy Pelosi who took off idea of impeachment off the table as soon as she was elected the speaker of the house.  Although the Bush family name is burried in shit, its not enough; these people have to pay a lot more for what they did to the world.

We count on you to do what’s right.  It cost our nation several billion dollars to elect you to this high office.  Please don’t disappoint us.



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