Friend of the People

Mr. Obama; Friend of the people! Sir!

They may already be after you, beware!

No use thinking you’re loved by all,

And so they won’t dare.

For they surely do. And, so,

Of your beloved self

Do please take care!

Be another J.F.K.,

After Martin Luther King,

So young and sharp and daring

Humble and kind and caring,

Selfless and sure and sharing

Living for your country.

But Do not die for it, sir!

Think that they want to kill you!

And do be careful, will you?

Man of socialization!

You are good for your Nation.

So, live through the century,

Working for your country.

But, no! Don’t die for it, sir!

Be sure they’ll try to kill you!

And do be careful, will you?!

October 26, 2008

Esmail Khoi, an Iranian poet in political exile, is a former Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Teachers Education, Tehran. He lives in London.

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