Planning a trip to Iran

I’m planning to go to Iran for the Christmas Holidays. I was born in Tehran. My father is Iranian and my mother is Italian. I’m married to a French man and we have two children.

So, I call the consulate to find out what’s needed to get them visas. They start asking me a million questions about me. So now I have to register my marriage so that it would be easier for my husband and children to get visas.

That’s not all. I am Catholic, but in their eyes I should convert to Islam because my father is Iranian and I should automatically be Muslim. 

Now my husband should also convert to Islam. Then we have to go to the mosque so that our marriage is approved in the eyes of Islam. Then take 20 documents along with the Islamic marriage certificate to the consulate so I can register my marriage so that my husband and children can have visas to go to Iran.

The other option is to risk going to Iran and not having any written proof that my husband is my husband and that my children are my children because on my Iranian passport, only my maiden name is mentionned. So now all the pleasure of going to Iran is gone due to this nightmarish burocracy. 

Of course, I have to cancel my reservation, because neither my husband nor will be converting to Islam.  Unbelievable.  Would be nice to hear from someone in a similar situation who can offer some advice.  I would love to go to Iran, but not like this. 

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