India’s space craft on the moon; Iran’s new aaftabeh design.

As India celebrates planting its tri-colored flag on the moon a few hours ago, the Islamic Republic of Iran, today, proudly announced a new light weight aaftabeh design made from Titanium with a long looleh which can reach all the crevices of male and female *&$%#.  A hologramish flag of the Islamic Republic can be see on the side as well as the bottom of this aaftabeh.

I for one am super proud of this achievement.  Sending a space craft to the orbit and planting a flag on the moon is completely useless whereas this new aaftabeh design is destined to change the standards of cleanliness amongst Muslims worldwide.

The overall achievements of the Islamic Repulic of Iran in technology, specially related to the lower part of the human body should be a source of pride for all Shiets of the world.

Long live his holiness Imam Ali Khamenei without whose leadership Iran would be nothing.


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