Do you suffer from Iranian-o-Phobia?

Well we are all Iranians but for some reason being among Iranians in the US makes me nervous, for example I refuse to go to Iranian parties while I love to hang out with my friends from other nationalities, I don’t really know whether or not other people also have this problem (my girl friend calls it Iranian-o-Phobia)

By any scale I am a typical Iranian though, Farsi is my first language and I look like an Iranian, so I don’t really know why I’m scared of my fellow Iranians, The other strange thing is that, my girl friend is raised in Canada and then in the US and ironically she chooses all her friends from Iranians (while my only Iranian friend is she)

I tried to find out why, I think its usually because we tend to talk about each other more and I just don’t like my news to spread among my fellow Iranians quickly so I avoid them unintentionally.

Do you suffer from Iranianophobia too? Do you know why? let me know

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