if you cut me do i not bleed?

i have always been interested in cooking. in my younger days i took a cooking class to learn every thing i could about cooking. the very first lesson in the kitchen was how to hold a knife safely and how to cut and chop food. so the other day when i was chopping some celery i made sure my knife was sharp and my fingers and thum were all curled in away from the knife edge as i choped and choped faster and faster. I was paying attention to make sure the knife did not cut my fingers. suddenly i felt a sharp cutting pain on the outside of my finger. i looked at it and yes it was cut and bleeding a lot. what had happened was that my finger had hit the edge of one of the pages of the cook book that was lying near by.  maryam rushed to my rescue and washed my finger and put some medicin on it and rapped it with bandage. she made me a cup of tea and gave it to me with a cookie. she sat beside me and she then told me that what happened to me is a lesson in life. when she saw me looking lost she said that in life most of the time we get hurt  not by our enemies or competitors or those who hate us. we keep all our attention on those people as you kept yours on the sharp knife. but nearly always our hurt and injury come from the people who seem the safest and closest to us and you do not expect them to hurt you at all.  i got up and kissed both her eyes. i hope i will never again hurt my maryam.

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