Wiping the Persian Gulf off the Map

Being Iranian, I notice the Persian Gulf everywhere. Maps, articles, news spots on TV/radio etc..

Being a media and politics junkie, I sat to watch my weekly dose of 60 minutes. That ticking clock is so delicious and soothing. Here came Leslie Stahl explaining Saudi Arabia’s oil business operations. She said Persian Gulf. Impressive considering what happened next.

She went into the tech center or “central nerve center” according to the Oil Minister who gave her a tour of Aramco Building. It was like NASA launch center – wall to wall computers with numbers monitoring all the yummy oil that we get to use to go to COSTCO and road trips to visit Khaleh Minoo. Fascinating. Organized. 

A red alert went off in my Iranian section of the brain when I saw large letters reading ARABIAN GULF all over the place. I never really liked Saudi Arabia. I think it’s ridiculous that they got away with 9-11 while other, poorer and desperate places like Afghanistan are bleeding. But hey, that’s just footnotes and conspiracy. If I had the Ross Perot capability, I would have slides and photo stills, but I suggest you check it out. The Saudis are not only working to make us oil dependent, but they also want to wipe the Persian Gulf off the map. 


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