After 8 years of Bush, I should be pregnant

Over the last 8 years, I have been F’ed so many times that I should be pregnant.

First it was the stolen election of 2000.  Then came Sept 11; for around 2 years, I had to wear a American flag just so that I won’t be beaten up when I go out to “white” neighborhoods.

Then there was the Iraq war; $10 billion a month from our taxes going mostly to friend’s of Bush as no bid cost plus contracts.  Then there was deregulation in the financial markets; I didn’t forget about Katrina but it really didn’t effect me too much and the total cost to tax payers was very small comparitively speaking.  Deregulation resulted in $5/gal gas and the subprime mess.

The last time Bush had sex with me was the time of the $700 bail out plan.

For the longest time I had a $250,000 line of credit from a large bank.  Since 1993 I probably used the credit line more than 100 times for amounts as little as $15,000 to as large as $210,000.  Every time the “outstanding loan” was paid quickly or on time without any issues.  Basically a prestine history for 15 years.

Today, I received a notice from the F’ing bank telling me my line was reduced to $50,000 and I need to bring down the balance from $93,000 to $50,000 by end of this month or else.  Or else means fines, penalties and reporting to credit reporting companies.  I was so mad this morning I poped several fuses. 

Wait a minute!!!  Aren’t tax payers (collectively speaking) giving loans to these mother F’ing banks so that they can loan to businesses to survive these hard times?!

I tell you, I am not gonna lay there and let George do it to me for free.  Next time he is going to F me, he’ll pay.  Can someone tell me what is the going rate these days?

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