Canadian ” Liberal Democracy ” -undemocratic coronation of new Libaerl Leader

Canadian  ” Liberal Democracy ” -undemocratic coronation of new Libaerl Leader

Liberal party  of Canada choosed Michael Igantife as the interim leader of the Party in an

undemocratic process .

While 68000 of Liberal member acroos nation have no chance to vote for the leader just a few MPs and Senators and Executive cheesed Ignatife while they shout off Bob Rae who was against the Coronation.

to my understanding, Bob Rae will be the Deputy leader and Foreign affair minister if the Liberal get into the power.

The Liberal Sucked Rae due to Coalition with NDP since Layton was not interested to work with Rae as a leader of Coalition.

I am wondering about double standard in Canadian Politic , if this kind of appointment happens in any Asian or Middle Eastern Country , the West will out cry that the Democracy is endanger.

The Liberal has to sove the problem seroiusly not by shuting off the other Candidate via a short cut , then who is going to heel the wounds of the party which is deeping after departure of Jean Chriten by the pressure of Paul Martin to be his suceesor and lost the election in few months in 2006

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