Ghoorbaghe-ha digar Abu-Ata Nemikhanand

It is refreshing to wake up in the mornings and hear birdsongs again instead of the frogs’ “Abu-Ata” singing of the past 8 years.

Condy Rice has almost shut up. Rush Limbaugh is no more relevant. Carl Rove is too busy arranging for a presidential pardon for himself and friends. Rumsfeldt engari dood shode rafte hava. Michael Ledeen probabely hurt his “mataht” asking for “faster please” so many times. Ashcroft can no longer do his fearmongering. Richard Pearl, Paul wolfowitz, etc etc have all almost shut up. It’s actually only Bush and Bolton that can be heard now. Bush is almost funny to hear, and Bolton is just a poor imitation of Ledeen, only replacing “faster please” with “harder please” with the same pornosadistic fervour. But these are tolarable — there will always be some frogs occuring naturally.

What lacks now is silence of Iranian frogs but that will come too. We always lag a bit behind the rest of the world. Iranian NeoCons will share the same fate as that of their American bretheren, and we’ll all have some relative peace even if alas it is for a short time.

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