Environmental Art of Ahmad Nadalian

Ahmad Nadalian

Ahmad Nadalian is internationally known for his environmental art projects.  His works draw upon a wide range of symbols from ancient rituals and mythologies with new interpretations to those belonging to the contemporary subject matters that emerge from the use of his new style of languages and technologies. His concepts therefore, are expressed through a variety of media and techniques, including carved stones, installations, performances, video, and web art and interactive pieces which require the participation of the general public.  

He is internationally known as one of the most active environmental artists. He has been supported and sponsored by many different organizations in many countries throughout the world, where he has performed numerous environmental art projects in countries such as; Italy, Germany, USA, UK, Spain, France, China, Netherlands,   Greece,  Russia, Uzbekistan,  Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Finland, Lebanon, Syria,  Azerbaijan,  Sweden, Denmark,  United Arab Emirates,  Qatar,  Kuwait, Turkey, Switzerland, Serbia ….and his homeland Iran.

Also he has been invited as a guest lecturer to different universities, organizations and art centers, during his visits he has given talks and workshops on a variety of relevant art issues such as Environmental and Interactive arts

He also organized many major environmental art festivals in his native country Iran, and has helped to supervised young environmental artists around the globe.



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