Sword & Sandals Movie (Dubbed in Persian):Herculese Unchained (1959)

Hunky Men and Sexy Women Go Sexually Wild in this Persian Dubbing for the classic Italian American Sword and Sandals co production of the late 50’s. Starring Steve Reeves,Sylva Koscina,and Sylvia Lopez. Read More about this Cheasy movie which was a popular Genre in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

These films (often badly acted, testosterone driven, and historically inaccurate or exagerated at best) reached a rather Cheesy Cult Status amongst Film Aficianados and strangely with time even gained popularity amongst the Gay and Lesbian community who probably saw some hidden subversive sexual messages in the slightly S&M aspects of these productions.

In Persian Dubbing (could not Embed):


The English Dubbing (longer):


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