Rise of anti-Semitism, sure outcome

The only certain result of Israeli savage assault on Gaza Strip would be the rise of anti-Semitism around the world. With Israel, and many Zionists working hard to equate Zionism with Judaism, and defending Israeli crimes as that of a Jewish only state representing Jewish values, the savagery of Israeli state unfortunately would be translated around the world with savagery of the Jews. It would make Jews and Jewish centers around the world less safe. This would be the sole certain outcome of the Gaza assault, similar to what happened in the war of Lebanon. What other outcomes might be there? Let’s see:

Ehud Barak might be dreaming about a personal boost in internal Israeli politics by the Gaza mayhem, but if the Israeli death increases, even he would lose on his dream. Israel itself would lose big by any criterion which defines an Israeli  “victory.” For Hamas, the mere survival will clearly be victory, and survive it will! Just like Hezbollah did and got stronger in Lebanon.

Israel can hit hundreds of targets in Gaza, can kill hundreds of women and children in Gaza in the name of killing “Hamas,” but Israel will not be able to destroy either Hamas or its rocket firing capabilities. They will spring right back! And, that is the single criterion that would define an Israeli defeat. Other outcomes of this vicious assault:

–Rise of anti-Semitism throughout the world as people who identify Zionism with Judaism (thanks to Israeli propaganda) will resent Israeli atrocities,

–The more widespread hatred of the US around the world since it blocked again a cease fire similar to its futile blocking of a cease fire in Lebanon war,

–the weakening of pro-Israel groups in the US in their futile attempt at defending Israeli crimes as “self-defense” at the expense of America’s image around the world,

…..in short  the world got one historical step closer to the inevitable demise of the criminal and illegitimate State of Israel. Pathetic Israeli  genocide won’t be able to defy its historical destiny for long, no matter how many innocent it kills and calls it, “the only language they understand.”

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