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Finally! An Events Section on!

I always thought that the internet is perfect for spreading the word about events, large and small in every part of the world. There were times when the most you could do was pin a flyer in a cafe bulletin board or pass out event cards at restaurants and parking lots. Now you can attract people to all kinds of events through sites like Facebook and Craigslist.

But it’s always better to have an interactive calendar of events specific to a community or profession. For many years,’s Calendar tab on its top guide bar was linked to, which is still a very good site, in terms of content and design.

When got a major face-lift in 2007, we were hoping to install our own calendar because it was well understood that many are interested to know what Iranian events are happening in their neighborhood — and worldwide. The calendar was on our to-do list and we even installed a test version. It needed a lot of work to make it look and work right.

Meanwhile a few months ago friends recommended I take a look at I was pretty impressed. They have taken the Iranian events calendar to a level never seen before. First of all, I don’t think you can find any other site with a listing as comprehensive as that on Secondly, the listings are presented in a professional and attractive manner.

One thing led to another and we decided to put off our own calendar. We thought why not team up with Kodoom and offer their world-wide listings of events on Better for us, better for you, better for everybody.

Some of you have already clicked on the EVENTS tab on the top guide bar of BLOGS was always the last tab on the right. When the events section went live, I accidentally clicked on EVENTS instead! You too? :o)

For those of you who haven’t gone there yet, take a look: in English and Persian. You’ll be surprised how active the Iranian community is — not just in your area, but in many parts of the world. Let us know what you think and we’ll try to improve things.

Thanks for the hard work of the guys at and our own team, especially Foaad, for making this happen. Well done!

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