Iran: The latest open letter from Kurdish human rights activist

Farzad Kamangar, 33 years old Kurdish, is a member of the human rights activists, a teacher, and a journalist in Iran. He was in charge of public relations of the Kurdish branch of the teachers union before the union was outlawed. In July of 2006, upon my arrival in Tehran to follow up with his brother’s medical treatments Farzad was arrested. His prison conditions, torture, and 7month of solitary confinement has been noted in the human rights organizations, including Amenity International’s documentations. On February 25th 2008, Farzad sentence to death for “risking national security”. The following is Farzad’s latest letter to Mohseni Ejeie, the mister of Iranian intelligence.


Let my heart keep beating,

Mr. Mohseni Ejeie,


I’ve been imprisoned for months now, in a prison that is supposed to tear down my will, my love, my humanity and to make me as obedient and docile as “an obedient lamb.” For months I’ve been confined in a prison with walls as high as history itself.


Those walls are supposed to become a distance between me and the nation I love; and to become an eternal distance between the children of my homeland and me. Nevertheless, every day I’ve gone out through the small crack in my cell and traveled to farmlands. I’ve found myself among people and have felt what they have felt as they have perceived their sufferings in my imprisonment. The prison has made… >>>

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