New Arrests include Shirin Ebadi’s Assistant

In the early hours of Wednesday, Januray 14, the homes of 11 Baha’is were raided by plain clothes officers of the security and information agency.   So far 5 can be confirmed to have been arrested and remain in custody.  Amongst them is Jinous Sobhani, who worked as an assistant to Shirin Ebadi until the closure of her offices in Tehran.

These raids have taken  place 8 months after the arrest of the 7 member group responsible for the welfare and well-being of the Baha’i Community of Iran, commonly referred to as the “Yaran Iran” .  They remain at the Evin prison with no due process.  Shirin Ebadi had accepted to represent them but since then she has faced much pressure, including the closure of her office in Tehran and the charge that her daughter is a Baha’i.  Ms. Ebadi is now making an effort to represent Ms. Sobhani.

Reports also indicate that during these raids, books, computers, photo albums and other personal effects were taken from their homes and offices.

The increased pressure on the Baha’i community, can only be a sign of shear desparation on the part of the government and its thugs.


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