Taking Jahanshah to Court

I am an infrequent visitor to iranian.com. “The buck stops here,” is an old saying where the top person in any enterprise is held accountable for the “bad” things that happen and occasionally rewarded for the “good” things. Jahanshah is the CEO of the iranian.com. If not all credits and blames, most land on him. So, who is this guy? Let’s evaluate him in the court of the readers of this site.

I would like to sound off my own assessment to get the discussion going. Here it is. I don’t think Jahanshah is a saint. I don’t even think that he never makes the wrong call. On balance, however, from reading his posts and observing the way he runs iranian.com, I respect Jahanshah for:

* his love of freedom – freedom in all its forms, for all people irrespective of any and all considerations;  

* his adherence to the principles enshrined in the Universal Charter of Human Rights;  

* doing and saying what is right, rather than what is expedient and right for him;

* devoting his time and talent to the worthy, yet demanding task of running iranian.com, instead of chasing after money;

* loving Iran and Iranian heritage without denigrating other cultures and peoples;

* being forthright and humble enough to display his own foibles and follies publicly;

* being an educated man with a broad appreciation for various fields, ranging from politics to humanities, and the arts;

I find Jahanshah to be the kind of Iranian that I would want my non-Iranian friends to meet.

Note: I have never met Jahanshah in person. I am not his brother, uncle, cousin, or related to him in any form or shape other than being his hamvatan. I am not writing this to ask him any favors. I am just moved by the fact that readers of iranian.com often attack him no matter what he does. So, here is your opportunity to judge this man. I issued my verdict and would be more than happy to change my views, if I hear contrary viewpoints that are sound.

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