Peace be without you

If proof > poof………. this should be fun! 

I’ve been following this news bit about the Holocaust denying Bishop from South America. Nevermind the pope holy baba himself was a member of the Hitler Youth (imagine if M. Ahmadeinejad had… nevermind that!)

So now the part of the story has reached the top of the parabola of a news story. Bishop Dick Williamson (the darndest men seem to have that esteemed name, Dick) has been asked to shed his opinion that the Holocaust was not real, that Jews were really just sitting at their dinner tables in peace and no fear for their lives. Just say it and it’ll be ok – right? Because all these years he thought it, saying now he suddenly regrets it will make it ok. That’s how opinions are shed and people change their minds THAT quickly. Oh yes.

Of course, the Pope has been deeply shamed in public for this guy, having PROMOTED this guy recently to some dumb beaurucratic post in the “church” and what does this Bishop do? He acts like a complete jerk! The Vatican has demanded an apology from him too. But no. Dick Williamson says that he demands proof.

As a lover and admirer of religions for their deep foundations on truth and facts, I find this fascinating. Jesus was real yes he was. God is not just a spirit ghost waving his fingers/energy and making the world! Proof needed NO! Poof needed yes ok that’s fine. It just feels so good to clasp your hands and look up to the sky.

But when it comes to this, the pesky Jews and their pesky persecution, this jerk needs proof. Hooray for religion. Peace from coast to coast. Love from desert to high mountain.

BTW have any of you seen the Ted Haggard documentary? All this guy liked to do was get high and enjoy a man and the church, instead of helping him through this “sin” sent him to roam the streets like a dog. He made all those a-holes rich. Filthy rich. I mean, he’s not even allowed to live in his home state for Dog’s sake! It’s so IRI I can’t imagine.

If Ted wants to make a come back, he needs to say what a hypocrite religion is – that he was the perfect model of how religions really treat people. There’s your PROOF. 

btw mr. pope, there is lots of PROOF that one of the funny hat wearing holy babas who preceded you ordered the mass killing of millions for a sexy extended period of time. And he told people that they would be going to heaven no matter what if they died! ahahaha. Now these catholics are telling us that we are all here on earth because our parents did not abort us. What lovely contributions. Where do I sign up?

Oh and I don’t know about any other religious head figures who dare send the US president a letter/list of demands. Screw you. You did not campaign, America is not yours. By the way, here’s a funny video (the vatican has a YOUTUBE account joy to the world wide web – don’t try to rate the videos, they’re all diabled 🙁 Check out the two hot women who come in with their Iranian veils to shake his hand. Cuz you know, the pope might get an erection and fall over at his age.  


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