Olmert says no Israeli government would let Iran get nukes

Israel will not allow arch-foe Iran to develop nuclear weapons, no matter what the political make-up of the Israeli government, outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Sunday ahead of a national election.  Leading the race to replace the centrist Olmert in Tuesday’s ballot is hawkish opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who has hinted that Israel, believed to have the region’s only atomic arsenal, could attack Iran to destroy means for building a bomb.Though Netanyahu’s Likud will have to consider forming a new coalition government with the more moderate Kadima and Labour parties, Olmert told a visiting French delegation such considerations would be irrelevant to Israel’s stand on Iran.”The prime minister emphasised that Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran, and that in this matter Israel has neither government nor opposition, and no future government will change this Israeli position,” Olmert’s office said in a statement.



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