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There is seemingly a misconception about Iranian media in the west as they think all of them are state-run.

There are many privately-owned papers and outlets, like Shargh, Entekhab, Etemaad, Asr Iran and Fararu.

There are of course state-run media like Kayhan, ISNA and IRNA

Iranian photographer @majd_maryam becomes top 10 finalist in Photography 4 Humanity Global Prize.

Her photo, “Freedom in Freedom,” captures the absolute joy of Iranian women as they were finally allowed into Azadi stadium to watch a soccer match in #Iran, after 40 years.

Germany is now saying that should the Biden admin return to the #Iran nuclear deal, it must be amended to include a provision curtailing Iran’s missile program.

What nerve.

They really want to keep Iran defenseless as it is surrounded by an aggressive foreign military force.

Here's what @HeikoMaas & E3 must do before speaking abt what Iran should do:

Stop despicable #CovidApartheid
Honor your obligations under UNSCR2231 & stop violating JCPOA
End YOUR malign behavior in OUR region: $100B arms sales to Persian Gulf & blind support for Israel terror.

The US-led economic war against Venezuela has brought Caracas and Tehran closer together. Iran broke the blockade against Venezuela this year, delivering much needed crude & even opening a grocery store in the country

I found this mural in central Caracas

It cant simultaneously be true that Tehran is fully infiltrator by US & Israel, and also that anyone Iran arrests as a spy is an innocent hostage academic/journo.

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Meet your Persian Love Today!