“La Storia Della Mia Vita” by Pietro Bergamo.

“La Storia Della Mia Vita” (the story of my life) by Pietro Bergamo.Is
the story of an italian magician’s life named,Pietro Bergamo.


                                   La Storia Della Mia Vita


Never trust a  magician.We use words only to divert your attention.But I write now as a man,not a magician,and I promise my story is true.How I wish it were not! For it is the story of the tragedy of my childhood,and a terrible secret that has brought nothing but misery and the death.My brother,Luciano,and I,we were born in a small town in Italy,in the time between the Wars.We were twins-what they call in English the “fraternal” twins,not the identical twins.A distinction that is very useless,I think.Yes,if you looked at us closely,there were many differences between us-like the birthmark on the back Luciano’s neck resembled perfectly a crescent moon.But Luciano and I,we were identical in our hearts.When we turned nine years old,our lives,turned upside down.A terrible man rose to power in Italy,and our whole family was in danger.Our Parents,they were being watched,but they managed to find a boat for Luciano and me to America.They promised to join us as soon as they could,but we knew that would not be very soon.Or maybe ever.It was an awful thing to leave our home at such a young age,but at least we had each other.During the time we were making the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean,we never left each other’s sides.As a parting gift,our father,he had given to us an old book of the magic tricks,and we spent all our days practicing the card tricks and amusing the crew on the boat.Every night, as we went to sleep,we fantasized about our new lives in America,and how we would become world famous magicians.Our mother,she had a cousin in Kansas City.We were very excited to be going there because we had heard the story of The Wizard Of Oz and we knew Kansas was full of the tornadoes and the adventure.What we did not know(until it was too late) was that her part of Kansas City was in Missouri,over sixty miles far from the capital of Kansas,Topeka where we happened to get off the train.It was the nighttime and we were cold and tired and we’d been wandering through the streets of Topeka for several hours when we saw a marvelous spectacle lit up in front of us: a circus.Alas,having no money,we could not enter the circus tent,the Big Top,as it is called.But we found a flap in the tent through we could watch the horses galloping,the clowns jugling,and even a mangy old tiger jumping through a loop of fire.We had such a great hunger of the smell of all the cotton candy,the popcorn and the peanuts was just too much too suffer.And at last we were grown up  12 years later.And we were the most famous magicians in the world.

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