Just One Thing About the Newsfeeds

We all have to check when we post the feeds to make sure they are not duplicates, because there is limited space for the feeds and when we post, other feeds get knocked off the top  page.

Regarding the limited space, what I am starting to do now is when I already have several feeds up and I find something I think is very important I delete something I think is less important so I don’t hog the space. But that’s just me because I’m a big feed-hog when I do get into posting fthem–millions upon millions of feeds. Sorry.

The one thing I’ve always done though is check down the first couple of pages to make sure I’m not  dupilicating. There are two kinds of duplications, duplication of the same article and duplicaton of the same story in a different article.

Obviously if the different article has something new to say on the topic it’s…a different story. But many times they don’t and those should be considered duplicates too.

If they do I think the supertitle should reflect the new angle.

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