Delhi 6 (Dilli Chhe) – Aage Nahin, PEECHHE

There was much riding on Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra especially after Rang De Basanti, which took the cinema goers by storm with its novelty of theme. Of course that theme has worn thin in his latest offering Deihi 6 (chhe).

Old Delhi is the most magnificent part of India with its historical buildings and even more historic past. It holds the most precious memories that can never be erased.

Rakeysh may have lived there but his heart is certainly not in the movie. He has just put together sequences, which do not connect. Forget connecting with the audience, it made me think of what a wastage of my time and money it was. I could have gone shopping and had more fun.

But first thing first. The Story: It is similar to Swades but not a patch on it. The grandson Roshan (Abhishek), an NRI, obliges his granny (Waheeda Rehman) and brings her to Old Delhi (walled City). Of course it has to be Chandni Chowk. But what is this? Rakesh filmed Chandni Chowk in Sambar, Rajasthan. The artificiality of the sets comes through.

The story breathes its last here. It then progresses in episodes – monkey man, Hindu Muslim tensions (unity), the narrow lanes (!?), the traffic, Ramlila, etc. etc. But the spirit of Purani Dilli is missing. Its spirit lies in the hearts of its people. Sadly, filmi actors cannot even come close to it. They are just actors getting over their role rather than living it.

Strangely the chemistry between hero Roshan and heroine Bittu is sadly missing. They need to learn acting. Star kids have only bloated egos and this film is the apparent result.

About the actors: Waheeda is passable. She does make efforts but that’s it. Om Puri, Pawan Malhotra, Vijay Raaz and Rishi Kapoor are worth mentioning. They bring alive their parts. Divya Dutta is simply superb although she has a small part. She shines through. Other characters too do a commendable job.

It should rightly be called “Dilli Chhe” because that is what Purani Dilli (Walled City) is fondly called and not ‘Delhi’ 6.

AR Rahman is its hero (body) for sure and his music its heroine (soul). Wishing him all the very best at Oscars.

Now coming to the main characters:

Neither can Abhishek portray a New Yorker convincingly nor a Dilliwala. He is fakeness personified. In fact, his accent was jarring on the nerves. And his dance – he has two left feet. He has a lot to learn if he wishes to carry a film solo over his shoulders. Till now he is a big failure in this regard. He has a long way to go to become a hero forget being called an ‘actor’.

His body language is awkward. With his facial hair, he can give any UP goonda a tough competition. Sad but his dad is supposed to be the greatest actor of Hindi cinema. An actor’s son will only be an actor is not true. What is true is, if you place books over a donkey, it doesn’t make him literate.

The films which are credited as his ‘success’ till now are Guru (only Amitabh, Amar Singh and Anil Ambani must have viewed it privately and bought its tickets wholesale and distributed them freely) and Dostana (a multi-starrer with John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra walking away with all the body and glamour credits.)

Sonam Kapoor must ‘LEARN’ acting if she can. Throwing tantrums in the film is not acting. She should forget she is a star kid if she wishes to get any new films. ‘Sawariya’ can be forgotten and now this dud. Audiences won’t be tolerating a third bomber. She should look out for alternative career. Sadly, she is no patch on Kareena Kapoor or her first hero Ranbir Kapoor.

Last but not the least. Amitabh Bachchan. He lands up last in this film. Had he not been there, it would have made more sense. His entry is actually an intrusion. Not needed and mostly not required at all.

A sane word of advice to Amitabh: Your golden phase of 70s and 80s is over. There is other younger crop of heroes on the scene. Instead of competing with them, act your age and be dignified like Dilip Kumar or Dharmendra. Always remaining in news for no apparent reason makes no sense.

Mr Bachchan, you make more news being a socialite, arm in arm with Amar Singh or Anil Ambani or receiving self sponsored awards. Your films flop big time. I don’t remember any of your film being a hit, except Bhootnath, which had Shah Rukh Khan and the kid. They walked away with the glory.

Pairing opposite girls of age of your grand daughters do you no good. There is nothing more to conquer so how low will you stoop now. There is no glamour left in you except an aging Aishwarya.

You can teach your son acting. That should be your full time career, at the rate you both are going. Instead of ‘promoting’ your son; ask him what he would like to do. Acting is certainly not his cup of tea. South is the permanent place to head.

Forget acting, Bachchans currently at most can be called socialites. Or the best non-actors. They are resting on their past laurels. Even Shahid Kapur has given more hits and entertained us more. We are the paying public. We cannot be bought like bought previews or bought critics. Audience won’t lap any trash doled out to them.

CAVEAT to Audience (if at all there is going to be one for this movie): Watch it at your own risk. Is there a wedding or shopping or an outing you have to attend. Head there and ENJOY!

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