Tribute to and its music section

As a mostly sporadic and at times regular visitor to since the mid 90’s, I have found the site to have great versitility and to be a great source of Iranian related content. 

It seems to have undergone many transformations both in the way it looks and presumably in the way it operaates and its business model. And like many great establishments it clearly has seen good times and bad times and has survived to become stronger.

Admittedley howvever with the advent of youtube,  I now rarely visit its music section, but the other day when I felt like listening to Sharam Nazri’s Benmaay Rokh – It wasn’t on youtbue – but  it is here on the archive of – where I first come across this little gem now over a decade ago- when I used to live in a remote part of Scotalnd and looking for something to remind me of home.

Read the background here and listen to it here.

It is a shame though that this wonderful content is now hidden and you have to search for it. There are also other things you cannt get on youtube.. Shahre Qhesseh,  revolutionary songs of Fadayaneh khalegh and much more..

Thanks JJ for you wonderful effort and founding and managing such a supberb site.

Payandeh basheed. 

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