Forsaken by Dream Theatre

They have been called “prophets” and “magicians,” the “keepers of the grail” and the “restorers of harmony.”  Although they are an underground band their “MySpace” site receives on average 20,000 visits per day.  Are they “prophets,” “magicians,” “keepers of the grail” and the “restorers of harmony.  “They will say “no.”  They say “We were just recording our ideas when everything materialized.”

Dream Theatre recorded an album in 2000 that was scheduled for release on September 11, 2001.  In fact, the album called “Scenes from New York City” was released on that date.  The members of Dream Theatre were horrified because on the day the album was released, with a front cover that showed the twin towers of the World Trade Center burning, the World Trade Center was attacked by “Terrorists of Hate.”

When the World Trade Center was attacked by the suicide pilots the members of Dream Theatre were horrified and immediately contacted Elektra asking that the album be recalled.  Elektra complied and released the album later with this cover.

How did this happen?  Were the members of Dream Theatre accomplices?  The members of Dream Theatre oppose terrorism and the killing of innocent civilians in any circumstance or form.  What happened was completely outside of their control.  But how did they know?  By what divine form was this information revealed to them?  Did they receive it in a dream? 

While we are on a role, listen to this piece.  So sweet and it says it all. 

“Through her Eyes” on the MySpace page above.  Hey check this out.:

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