13b; Dhoondte Reh Jaoge; Karma Aur Holi – 3-In-1 Treat

13b; Dhoondte Reh Jaoge; Karma Aur Holi3-In-1 Treat

This week three movies have released and each one is different in its range of being a thriller, comedy and drama. Must say, it is a 3-in-1 treat, which you should enjoy at your own leisure. All provide entertainment and enjoyment in their own way. And if you are ready to take a peek, let’s go on a roller coaster ride to know what they are about.

(1) 13b

Well, the movie should have been rightly titled 13t since it is all about TV, TV and TV. In these times of recession and worries, religion and politics have taken a backseat and films and TV form the core of our entertainment and enjoyment. This week’s enjoyment comes in the form of this scary movie. Mind you, this is not spooky (about ghosts) but has sufficient chills to keep you engaged.

Manohar is a progressive thinking young man, who moves to a new address 13b and stays on 13th floor with his family. Nothing wrong with that if you are not superstitious but the film is all about 13 now.

Since Manohar’s family is a TV buff, they watch the shows avidly. The programmes start exactly at 1300 (1 pm). Everything centres on number 13 just to keep the viewers’ attention focused. And the chills begin in right earnest.

Although Manohar holds the remote and controls the programmes, gradually the TV controls him completely. The TV shows him what it wants to show. Initially everything is fun and laughter but the terror slowly unfolds and what comes forth will make you think where life is leading us today. Manohar along with the viewers must solve the mystery of these unholy happenings.

Madhavan as Manohar has come up with an engaging performance. Neetu provides adequate support as his wife. Watch her scene where she holds a candle and goes looking for him. May scare the living candlelights out of you. It’s a pleasure to see Poonam Dhillon back.

The story could have done with tight editing. Keeping up with the spirit of the film, it could have been confined to ‘130’ hours in length. The ‘controversial’ song “sexy mama” is enjoyable.

When you come out of the theatre, you may end up saying, “Maar Daala”.


(2) Dhoondte Reh Jaoge

When you read the title of this film, you are reminded of a detergent. This film does our dhulaai but with laughter. It is a thorough nonsensical fun.

Remember Govinda-style capers and “Hera Pheri” fun. You didn’t have to think at all but were rolling along with guffaws. DRJ is this and more. If nothing else, this movie will rightly place the crown of ‘king of comedy’ on Paresh Rawals’s head.

The film is about two nobodys Paresh Rawal (film producer) and Kunal Khemu (chartered accountant), who want to become somebodys. They decide to make a flop movie borrowing money. They plan to invest only a part of the money and run away with the rest.

Surprisingly, the movie (actually a spoof) “Solay Se L’Gaan Tak” turns out to be a big hit. Now the financiers are after them for a share of the profits. There ends the story. But the fun has just begun. The proceedings and acting is so much in sync that you will end up with cramps in your stomach.

Johny Lever will steal your hearts with his act as a writer with loyalty to Pakistan. Watch out for Sonu Sood. The tall lanky star has shades of Amitabh. After ‘Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi’ he presents funny side of him. Soha is OK.

If you don’t mind being mindless while watching this flick, then this one is for you. And songs are equally fun especially ‘Salma’.

When you come out of the theatre, you will end up saying, “Dho Daala”.


(3) Karma Aur Holi

This one is for the intelligent, thoughtful viewer, who doesn’t mind dwelling in it at leisure. It has an ensemble casting from both Hollywood and Bollywood. Produced by Robert de Niro’s daughter Drena, it is the vision of (East) India from the eyes of white Americans.

Don’t expect a regular entertaining fare here. Don’t expect anything. But what the film expects from you is total involvement.

It is about a couple, Meera (Sushmita) and Dev (Randip), who call their relatives and friends for a festive get-together at their place. Gradually, the guests interact and take a keen interest in each others’ lives. Something happens and it becomes confessional time for everyone present.

Skeletons spill out of the cupboard. Secrets are revealed that were long buried and forgotten. Does this remind you of something? Something we all wish to do but societal pressures make us bottled up.

So, it is confession time, viewers! Unbottle yourself. Don’t wait anymore but EXHALE now. It is a colourful destiny with a realistic tone.

Sushmita and Randip were meant for this movie. Rati is again a pleasure to watch after a long gap.

When you come out of the theatre, you will end up saying, “Rang Daala”.

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