2nd year of Organized Charshanbe soori at Richmond Hill- Ontario-Canada

ON Tue March 17, 09 ,We at , Farvardin Cultural Centre organized Charshanbe Soori , the traditional Persian Fire Festival , at Richmond Green in Town of Richmond Hill , north of Toronto which so many Iranian decent reside.

unofficial number indicating of more than 20,000 Iranian are among 140,000 town population.

There were NouRooz Market , some NGO organization such as Paradise Children Charity ,Mehre Kosar , among those participants
the community participation from across G.T.A was very large Number which was a surprise to the Town of Richmond Hill and Politician who participated the event .

Dr. Reza MoridiMPP ,Richmond Hill, Dr. Helena Jaczek MPP Oak Ridge – Markham and Paul Calandra , MP Oak ridge and Markham , York Regional police, Chief Armand Labarge , and Deputy and Tony and Ricky Veerappan from Diversity division were there.

Dave Barrow, Mayor of Richmond Hill, Vito Sparanto, Nick Papa, Dave Cohen # ward 5#and Godwin Chan , ward 6Greg Bros# ward 1#

Dave Barrow with Jamshid made some Bab a karam and Iranian dacne to the music at 7 pm the politician put the flame on the pit.
the crowd clapped the move I asked Dr. Moridi to be the first one to jump the fire which he did. following him , the Mayor and councilor Vito and Godwin and Paul caladnra and Chief of Police and deputy chief , jumped over the fire

the crowd lined up and jumped over the fire which was set till 9:10 pm .

The entertainment was great. Manley jamal , the Young Guitarist performed the guitar at 17:30 for 15 minutes following by him DJ siamak made the floor full of energy.

Then Ismaeil Senejani- Amo Nowrooz and his team , 2 ladies and two children , went on the stageand dacned. Later on ,so many kids and adult took the picture with Amo Norooz.

Hamid Arya and Hosein Kondazi ( tonabk ) made the saloon to dance Araz Azari music song and dance perfomered Guilani Girl dance group following Mohammad Kamali ( singer ) and Nima ( Santour ) performed some Happy Guilaki songs.

the MCs, were Hamid Kashani and Rahle which did well due to so much crowd and children beside the stage. Many people had fun.

Bhar Daee, the painter broguh a big boom for the painting by the childern . actullay we started the brush together as a positive move . Bahar and Shirvand from Mehravarn were active on the painting project.

I got a call at 11:30 pm from Ali Mohammadi to say : Khaste Nabshid” it was grate success for the community, our group and town of Richmond Hill Pari Farsi as usual contribute to the event and filmed entire event.

Rogers cable , and snap shot from Richmond Hill filmed and photographed the event.

Mr. Gol Mohammdi , Slam Toronto, covered the event and made an interview on the Charshanbe soori Farvardin Cultural Centre Fire Festival Committee:

Jamshid Bagherzadeh
Saeed Fotovat
Mahdiyeh Haji Ghazi
Saeed Soltanpour
Dr. M. Zohori

At the same time it was another event at Mel Lastman Sq by our Friends who allocated so many volunteer hours and works to make Charshanbe soori a remembering night for everybody. Khaste nabashid!

So many Young new generation helped the event as volunteer many of them were not fan of Community event but at the end they had good time . by the way the weather was perfect +15 which was a bonus for Ontario and Iranian Community

Behind the scene

some of our community member have not learned how to participate the community work .those one have high high expectation and low or no contribution. they are moftkhor” and believe that every body must serve them but they have no obligation to tohers and the communnity. they think all the event just comes out of the blue and the stage and programmes Will be st y clapping the hands or calling Jeni”

we hope they learn how to participate and contribute and to make the events better since we are living in a democratic society .

some were late , and asking to make the fire for them which was impossible due to Fire regulation .

Peter Shruman , Thorn Hill MPP for the 2nd year promised but did n’t show up so we do not call him in any community event to learn to take Canadian Iranian community more serious. I rasied the issue with him when I met him on Sunday at peter Kent’s office.

We did not invite Mr. Bryon Wilfert, Richmond Hill Lib MP since he does not believe in Iranian community he wants to cheat the community by telling that ” all we are Canadian “.

We are not just Canadian while We are Canadian Iranian . because if we are Canadian with no suffix then why our parents and artists and academic will not grant the visitor visas

When Mr. Wilfert correct his attitude on the Canadian Iranian Community then we will support him other wise , we will not no matter which party is he.

Canada is a country that everyvotes is counted and Canadian Iranian vote, too.

To see the pic click on http://politicofcanada.blogspot.com/

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