Reza Pahlavi & New American Reality

Reza Pahlavi must understand that the Bush era is finished. While it is true that the American foreign policy is greatly formed by different interest groups and lobbies, in particular Israeli lobby when it comes to the Middle East, yet the president and the state of economy play a very important role as well. As America got weak, partly thanks to Israeli-pushed wasteful wars, and with the election of Obama who feels the colonial injustice with his bones, chances of Reza Phalavi to continue getting charity and support from American government will diminish. Mr. Pahlavi must understand the mind set of the new president, and maybe start to find an honorale job for himslef rather than wishing a foreign power would impose him on Iranians, like they did with his father and grandfather.

I wish him a happy Norooz and a better path for the rest of his life. As my Eidi to him, I will type a passage from Obama’s book,”Dreams of My Father,” which would help the reader understand the new president when it comes to his personal aspirations, and an oblique reference to people of Iran. This is a passage of course from his youth, when he is transferring from Occidental to Columibia University to be more around working African Americans, a time that he is exploring his own identity being partly from Africa with the momories of colonial injustice. He and his friend Marcus, are sitting in the library across an Iranian student. Marcus is reading a book about economics of slavery and the Iranian starts a conversation with them: (p.116)

“Tell me please,” the man said. “How do you think such a thing as slavery was permitted to last for so many years?”

“White people don’t see us as human beings,” Marcus said. “Simple as that. Most of them still don’t.”

“Yes, I see. But what I mean to ask is, why didn’t black people fight?”

“They did fight. Nat Turner, Denmark Vascey—”

“Slave rebellion,” the Iranian interrupted. “Yes, I have read something about them. These were very brave men. But, they were so few, you see. Had I been a slave, watching these people do what they did to my wife, my children…well, I would have preferred death. This is what I don’t understand–why so many men did not fight at all. Untill death, you see?”

I looked at Marcus waiting for him to answer. But, he remained silent, his face not angry as much as withdrawn eyes fastened to a spot on the table. His lack of response confused me, but after a pause I took up the attack, asking the Iranian if he knew the names of thousands who have leaped into shark-infested waters before their prison ships had ever reached the American ports; asking if, once the ship had landed, he would have still preferred death had he known that revolt might only visit more suffereing on women and children. Was the collaboration of some slaves any different than the silence of some Iranians who stood by and did nothing as Savak thugs murdered and tortured opponents of the Shah? How could we judge other men until we had stood in their shoes?”

At a personal level, Obama understands not only the depth of colonial ugliness, but as an highly educated human who also knows the personal sufferings of third world countries, he empathizes with them. Times of ignorant Cowboy diplomacy of Bush, and an America which could afford to watse its money on Israeli-first policies are fast ending. Hope this helps Reza Pahlavi a bit.

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