A delusional note to the unseen lady who was so pretty

I know this profile is awkward, and my weirdness has no limit. I should thank you for not asking me about many questionable faces which I have with me. I know it’s your style to not ask questions, and see things as what they are. In the light of your unconditional acceptance of me ( which I’m sure is your intrinsic style and your prominent character), on the second thought, I would revoke my thank you back. Instead, I elaborate you more. Hope you take it as my eternal appreciation for the lucky feeling which has been emerged in me by virtue of your sudden creation.

Not being able to see you is not a good reason for not seeing you. Therefore, inevitably I imagine you in my mind whereas you’re side by side of me in a garden and in a breezy summer night. I imagine you better than the real you. So, please rely on me for that matter: you are skinny and tall, wearing a crimson satin skirt. You have big black eyes and a little mouth. It just happened that you look like that and it doesn’t mean that it would be the ideal picture a woman. But, it is occurred to me- a lovely impromptu- as a  picture a woman at that given time and given place should turn up like this. How wonderful is it so far! Philosophically speaking, I understand that it’s a passive state to be subject of “liking”. You are ‘liked’, whether you like it or not. It is out of your control. If you know that you’re ‘liked’ by someone, as a matter of fact it should be more passive. In despite, you might be in state of passivity and at the same time you are influential on every nuts and bolts of other party. It’s a contradictory situation indeed.Although, the urge of knowing what is going on in your mind drives me nuts, but I’ve learned my lessons from the past: I should pretend that I don’t give a damn. But come on! Who I am trying to fool? I always have said there is an inherent capacity in you and many women to read it all; to decode all the centuries-long mysteries of masculinity genes- if there is any- in a glance. How is that most intelligent, most self-esteemed men turn to clumsy and weak creatures, when it comes to spellbinding eyes of a lady?!  Anyway, I created you like gods do, and like all gods I’m nothing without my creatures. Nothing…None.. wheesh …Finitto….

 I created you in my mind and still I’m afraid to lose you. Similar to all dreams you’re so fragile. You will burst like a bubble. …so god damn fragile! I created you and you can’t be mine. You belong to the air and the fluency of wildest dream which diverges from a canonical source.

Since its late night, I’ll stop writing by now & go to sleep. May a dream of you, garnish my sleep to the extent that the upcoming dawn would hesitate to pronounce another dragging day to me, Will she?

When I wake up, I would be Nothing,..None,..Wheesh…Finitto…     

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