Who Wants A One World Government?

The following is a two-paragraph snippet from an article published today by a friend of mine. Unlike much of the whacky a-contextualizations of an Alex Jones or David Ike, this article demonstrates with meticulous research, proper social science methodology and critical analysis that One World Government is indeed an agenda by a cabal of elitist liberal Neo-Keynesian globalists. 

Michael Barker – “Who Wants A One World Government?”

Swans Commentary, April 6, 2009.

(Swans – April 6, 2009)   Throughout the past century, liberal elites organizing to build the institutional foundations for a one world government have regularly acted as whipping boys for conservative commentators who accuse them of conspiring to enmesh the global populace within the oppressive chains of communism. In the past, popular promoters of such misconceptions have been derived from far-right groups like the John Birch Society, but more recently the accusations have come from top religious and political leaders like Pat Robertson and Ron Paul. In the eyes of these conservative commentators, liberal elites stand guilty of promoting a one world government, or New World Order, designed to rein in individual freedom and enslave humanity. The most notable ringleader elites of this conspiracy include influential neo-centrics like George Soros (who founded the Open Society Institute), and members of the Rockefeller family — most notably David Rockefeller and the liberal foundations that receive funding from his family.

Like most widely accepted analyses presented in the mainstream media this conservative interpretation of world events comprises an element of truth. Consequently, this article analyses the conservative interpretation of world events. It reviews the ongoing activities of groups that openly acknowledge their desire to promote a one world government and goes on to critique the left’s approach to global government. It will demonstrate how the critical onslaught from the Right has, to date, served to prevent the progressive community from engaging in this critical debate; that is, the debate to shape the future of global politics to enable us to create a new peaceful world order. Finally, it offers a progressive theoretical framework to expose the disturbing ambitions of the liberal elite….

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