Challenge to Faryarm & the Baha’i Cabal

On que you rant and rave about the Sourcewatch Baha’i Faith entry but without providing a single line of actual criticism as to the specific content which you find objectionable. When pressed, instead of providing substance you employ the well worn Haifan Baha’i tactic of ad hominem (not to mention libel and defamation, which is habitual with all of you Haifan Baha’is with any critic you cannot answer) and shooting the messenger – i.e. a tactic Fred Glaysher documented on his own site long ago. Without any basis you have also accused another person of being me – another well-worn tactic of the Baha’i Internet Agency when confronted with criticisms similar to my own. I readily admit that as an Ex-Baha’i and now a Bayani I am proudly a confessed and committed enemy of the Haifan Baha’i organization and everything it stands for, and I mean to be instrumental in cutting it to size internationally in the same way similar cults, such as Scientology or the Moonies, where cut to size. But unlike you and your fellow cultists, I have provided factual, prima facie evidence for all the criticisms I have leveled against you people whereas you have just waived your hand, misdirected and obfuscated

Now from the forty-nine references in the article, well over thirty of them quote material directly published by your own outlets and official bodies. We have not even provided commentary on that material. That you don’t like the end result is because a) we never set-out to write a glowing piece of propaganda-drivel in order to stroke the fragile, warped and twisted egos of paranoid cultists by rehearsing sanitized narratives (like on wikipedia); and b) if you can’t stand this kind of heat, you have no business being in the kitchen business — meaning, the world is not going to kowtow or be compelled by brute force (or otherwise cajoled by money and bought) to see things exclusively the way you cultists demand everyone without exception to see it — which in any case is unfactual, untrue and pure fantasy. Such insistant and adamant demands by your organization is at the root of the problem to begin with. It is precisely why we are claiming your organization as a cult rather than a religion, not to mention precisely why people have walked, turned against you,  why one judge in one circuit court and three other judges in an appeals court in the state of Illinois have disagreed with you, and more importantly, why the people of Iran in Iran (as opposed to Iranians in North America) unanimously do not like you (whatever amount of propaganda you pay for from out of North America trying to pretend otherwise)!

So here is a challenge to you and other assorted hacks of the Haifan Baha’i Internet Agency active on this site: give us actual item by item critique regarding the Baha’i Faith article on Sourcewatch. Point out exactly what you say is untrue. Note that empty or gushing platitudes, fluff, straw men, red herrings, argumentum ad hominems, appeals to faith and authority, attacks, and similar are not valid critiques or arguments. Content and not horse manure is what I am asking of you.

Ball in your court! And note that you have no idea how stupidly freakish (i.e. like glaze-eyed cultists) you people look right now to the folks at Sourcewatch


See article, Baha’i Faith


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