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Baha’is Need Justice! (Part 1) April 8, 2009

By Majid Nafisi

Editor’s Note:
Nafisi is a well-known Iranian poet and writer.   Recently he was asked to sign the famous letter “We are Ashamed”, but he refused.  However, he has written the following brilliant essay, which Iran Press Watch is very pleased to share in translation.  Because of its length, this essay will be posted in several parts.  Mr. Nafisi is not a Baha’i, nor is he associated with the Baha’i community.

Baha’is Need Justice!

Recently, a letter was published over the signature of 42 Iranian intellectuals addressed to the Baha’i community and proclaiming “one and a half century of persecution and our silence is enough”.  The title of the letter was “We are Ashamed” (see

Over a month ago, Mr. Khosro Shemiranie sent this letter to me to sign.  Even though from the age of fourteen I have been saddened by what Baha’is have been going through and I have written about it, I responded that I could not sign it since it was instigated by a “feeling of shame” and “collective sin” and not “seeking justice a… >>>

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