pictory: Royal Punishment (1908)

Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar punishes the Mayor of Tehran (shortly after a failed Assassination Attempt against him) in a sign of anger. French Daily Le Petit Journal (Sunday March 15th, 1908)

Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar was the Shah of Persia from January 8, 1907 to July 16, 1909. He was against the constitution that was ratified during the reign of his father, Mozzafar-al-Din Shah. In 1907 Mohammad Ali dissolved Majles (Iranian parliament/National assembly) and declared the Constitution abolished because it was contrary to Islamic law. He bombarded the Majles with the military and political support of Russia and Britain.[However, he abdicated following a new Constitutional Revolution and he was remembered as a symbol of dictatorship.

He fled to Odessa, Russia. Mohammad Ali plotted his return to power from Odessa. In 1911 he landed at Astarabad, Iran, but his forces were defeated.Mohammad Ali Shah fled to Constantinople and died in San Remo, Italy, April 5, 1925 (bur. Shrine of Imam Husain, Karbala, Iraq). His son and successor, Ahmad Shah Qajar was the last ruler in the Qajar dynasty.

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