17 Again – Oh! What It Is To Be Young Again!

With a tagline like “Who says you’re only young once?” attached to a comedy flick, you can be sure it has loads of fun for you. What with Zac Efron at the helm of affairs, this keeps you glued to the screen.


We all were 17 once. And then we grew up and got entangled in the growing up. We never looked back until mid-life blues hit us. Then we looked back and decided to be 17 again. Oh God! What a relief and whatta fun.


Mike O’Donnell (Zac Efron), a high school senior trades his school life for the bliss of matrimony with his girlfriend Scarlet.


A couple of decades down the line, adult Mike (Matthew Perry) is struck by mid-life blues and he feels life is not what he wanted it to be. Separated from his wife and children, he wishes to be 17 again.


Low-and-behold, his wish is granted. One fine day he wakes up to find (what else!) he is 17 again (hurray!) He has a fine chance to rewrite his life. He is again at the high school with (guess what!) his own children. His daughter is in love with the school bully and his son is being bullied.


Mike slowly realises he wasn’t a good dad or even a husband. Current experiences make him realise the truth he had a good life but failed to appreciate it. He wishes to be back with his family.


But for that he must transform back to his 40-something self. How? And there lies a sweet story of realising one’s mistakes and making up for them. Yeah, there is regret, love, sexuality and bullying in even measures to make it a thoroughly watchful fare.


The movie will make many of us realise the value of relationships. The things we take for granted till now, we will hold them close to our hearts. Most of all, we will come to know our true selves better. What more could we want?


There are 13 original soundtracks, which are absolutely delightful: On My Own (Vincent Vincent and The Villians), Can’t Say No (The Helio Sequence), L.E.S. Artistes (Santogold), Naive (The Kooks), This Is Love (Toby Lightman), You Really Wake Up The Love In Me (The Duke Spirit), The Greatest (Cat Power), Rich Girls (The Virgins), This Is For Real (Motion City Soundtrack), Drop (Ying Yang Twins), Cherish (Kool & The Gang), Bust A Move (Young MC) and Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins).

We all have regrets in our lives. We all wish it could have been a better life. And we measure our lives against the milestones. There is a lesson for all of us here. What life we have led (good or bad), that is how it was supposed to be. No use regretting it. Be content with what you have and enjoy it for what it offers.


Don’t ever desire to be 17 again. Or you will miss a part of your life at 40s. Do you want that? NO! Then, go ahead and watch it. And come back content. Oh! What it is to be 40, fat and fun. Thank God for small mercies. Yo!

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