Food alone does appease
Fresh breeze and also bees
A foodie, I love my CHEESE
Eating well keeps away disease

I like life full of fun and ease
No time to even look at fleas
Love watching ducks and geese
Doesn’t matter – her’s or his

I go wherever affection is
Be they Chinese or Japanese
In prayer, I bend my knees
Life is free, not on lease

Life shouldn’t be one of misease
Be it of nephew or of niece
Be diabetes-free or use orinase
Exercise daily, do as you please

Be free, beyond squeeze and quiz
All negativity, slowly release
Achieve, go beyond seven seas
I don’t mind being gently tease

Lead healthy life, not of unease
Mind your p’s and q’s and v’s
Apple a day keeps away wheeze
Doesn’t require any expertise

Positive attitude gets a yeas
Affirms for it even Mr Zeis

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