I chased life with fast pace
Tried to catch up with the race
Through the darkness of distant space
I saw a flicker – a radiant trace
On a summit, the highest place
So I climbed the mountain of grace
I finally reached its high peak
What was I really trying to seek?                                         
The light of sun was what I was after
Resonating with children’s laughter
From atop I saw a town
Filled with lights of its own
I was filled with much joy
Like a child with a new toy
Yes, I longed to see the light
To burn abyss with no fright
To free its ash in the wind
To surrender it to a friend
To close the gap and let go
Of distance between high and low
Did I succeed or did I fail?
Was that the end of the trail?
I discovered in the end
That life goes on with a trend
Trend of hope is what I mean
Hope…a ribbon, woven string of life’s scene
Every person ties a knot
Until there is not one spot
On the string – the ribbon of life
And that’s how you end the final strife
Now that all is said and done,
It’s up to others to see the sun
I hope you tie the thread I spun
And then go and have some fun!

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