MON CINEMA: The Son of Sinbad (1955)

With the help of his good Friend Omar Khayyam (Vincent Price), Legendary pirate and adventurer Sinbad (Dale Robertson) is in obsessive pursuit of two things: beautiful women and a substance called Greek Fire–an early version of gunpowder. Hang On to Your Turbans and Enjoy …

Omar Khayyam ( Vincent Price),  looks for Sinbad but is distracted by a belly dancer:

Sinbad and Side Kick Omar Khayyam enter the Kings Harem:

Omar Khayyam and Sinbad enjoy the delights of the Kings Harem:


More About the Film:

This is a 1953 film originally shot in 3-D that, like usual for films that involved Howard Hughes, was finally released nearly two full years after its initial trade showings and the 3-D craze was long past. The film, described by one critic as “a voyeur’s delight”, has St. Cyr as a principal member of a Baghdad harem populated with dozens of nubile starlets. The film was condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency.” Sally Forrest and Mari Blanchard were made for 3-D. The Son of Sinbad (Dale Robertson) and his buddy Omar (Vincent Price) are thrown in prison for visiting the harem of the Kalif once too often. Meanwhile the Kalif learns that Tammerlane the Cruel is planning to destroy his city if he doesn’t surrender it. But with the aid of some early-day gunpowder, Sinbad and Omar save the day, aided by their 40-girl brigade that are all daughters of the original Forty Thieves…and all girl with a capital G.

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