Election or Scam (with a government that is anti Jew, Baha’i anti Iranian)

How many of you have ever voted during IRI election period. As you are aware in the past they would stamp your birth certificate if you had voted. That stamp would have given you access to many government subsidized food and shelter products. So if you don’t vote you can’t attend university, you can’t qualify for any government programs as well you are sometimes considered as a monafegh (traitor, non-believer in fascist IRI revolution)

In addition, if you are a government employee, or part of Basiji, Pasdaran you must (it is a must) to vote. Most of the time those votes are manipulated due to brainwashing by conservative clerics. If you work at a bank, school teacher etc. you must vote or else your job is on line not to mention the harassment by the religious auditors.

And just recently the voting age in Iran has moved to age 16 to favor the conservatives because most of the time these high school kids vote is hindered and influenced by the religious teachers.

Now what is the role of an Iranian president?

It is just a symbolic and a non-influential role.

So who controls the country?

Supreme leader (or supreme cockroach), the ultimate terrorist Mr. Khamenei and the expediency council formed by a group of stinky, stupid, ignorant religious scholars whose hand is up their ass while they make decision. Their decisions have ruined our country. The thug and the supreme godfather Mr. Rafsanjani is a member of the expediency council.

Who do I want to win the election?

I actually prefer Ahmadinejad to win. Why? He shows the true face of IRI. He represents everything about this regime and his 30 years of revolution. He clearly represents the terrorists and the corrupt thugs controlling Iran. He is the symbol of fascism, ignorance and stupidity.

For the first time the world has seen the true face of IRI. The world tasted what the Iranians have faced with for the past 30 years.

They have heard the rhetoric’s of these thugs that we have been hearing for the past 30 years. For past 30 years the people of Iran have heard nothing but lies, deception and hate. We have heard that the rest of the world is evil and only the Mullahs and Akhunds are angels.

We have heard that Jews and Baha’is are “Najes” – not pure and only Muslims are the ultimate superior race (sounds familiar, it sounds like the Nazis).

We have heard all these promises of prosperity, growth and freedom since the inception of the IRI in 1979. But where is the prosperity, where is the growth, where is the freedom?

The IRI’s budget for terrorist organization such as Hezbollah and Hamas is bigger than the budget for the whole country.

They IRI officials show more compassion for the Palestinian cause than their own people’s request for freedom and equality.

The IRI’s enterprise and corrupt system has misused and abused the religion and murdered and executed thousands in the name of Islam and their brand of religion.

Words that usher to my mind when I hear the name Islamic Republic of Iran; Hate, Murder, rape, terrorism, destruction anti Iranian, anti Humanity; anti Iran

In conclusion, I really don’t think a change of president will make the life of Iranian any different or improve their lives. Mousavi, Karubi, Rezai and Ahmadinejad they are all terrorists and their hands are dirty with the bloods of innocent Iranians.

Iran needs an overhaul reform through referendum.

I finish this article with quote from my favorite philosopher and thinker.

“Mistrust those in whom the urge to punish is strong.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

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