Did the IRI hand count 40 Million Votes in 12 Hours?

I have been silently watching all the propaganda in favor of Mr. Ahmadinejad on this site. I have seen people calling the Mousavi crowd as “sore losers”.

I admit that I could care less about either of the candidates. I despise them both as they are part of an evil system.  I would never vote but I did understand the point that people who were advocating to vote made; people such as Mr. Etebari and others who are clearly against the IRI…. Based on the facts today, the people advocating to vote were 100% correct. Why? Because thoes who voted cared about what happened to their vote and are now in the street doing the unimaginable? I think the turn out in the streets would be far less if there was a large segment of society who boycoted the election.

Who amongst us actually thought that on June 15, 2009, we could witness a 9 kilometer long sea of Iranians marching in the streets of Tehran and in unison chanting “Death to Dictator”? Regardless of who actually is declared the winner, all the elite ruling classes in IRI have been put on notice. Khamenei, Rafsanjani, the IRGC (Ahmadinejad’s camp), the so called “Reformists”  and the Mullah’s in Qum, all just saw with their own eyes how the majority of the people really feel about the system. 

The world also witnessed that if you were challenging the results you were beaten by the basijis and if you supported the results you were allowed to freely gather in Tehran to give your support to Mr. Ahmadinejad.

I have no idea what is going to happen at the end but I feel  that if this is really seen as a Coup by the majority of Iranian, we will consider it more outrageous than the 1953 Coup because this time there is no USA, CIA, USSR or the British to put the blame on. This time we can only blame other Iranians and only Iranians.   

Finally, can any one answer these questions for us since the IRI does not allow independent monitoring of the elections (only the Interior Ministry and the Gaurdian Counsil have any involvement in the elections and vote counting):

1) How did they hand count 40 Million votes (they were releasing data in 5 million increments throughout the night)?

2) How many people are in each
polling station in Iran who actually do the counting?

3) When did they actually start the counting-
before or after the polling stations closed?

4) Why did the government (the Ahmadinejad Government) have to resort to turning off  text

5) Why did they cut of the internet and phones?

6) Do the math, how many people you need to hand count 40 million ballots? How long should it take?

7) Why did it take longer to count the votes in previous elections while it was so much shorter to count the votes in this election; Remeber, the voter turn out increased so much from the last election!

God help all the true freedom lovers and the Iranian nation!

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