Description #2 of Ron Price’s Blog

This tapestry of poetry and prose, which at this site is called a blog, attempts to endow various themes and a wide range of social science and humanities subjects with many layers of meaning. I try to evoke a complex range of responses in readers who come upon this part of the site, this blog.  As initiator of this prose-poetry project here, it is my hope that over the many decades of my life I have developed a writing style which, while trying to fuse together material from many academic disciplines, from my own life and my religion, the Baha’i Faith, achieves a degree of both the provocative and the interesting on the one hand; and the entertaining and intellectually stimulating on the other.  This is no easy mix to achieve and I have a long way to go in this aim.  It is something I work among the many things I work at to improve the overall effectiveness of my writing style.

It is my conviction that the Baha’i Faith has a significant role to play in the growing unification of the planet, but I do not engage in any sort of aggressive proselytising here.  I possess an obvious enthusiasm for my religion or I would not have been associated with it for over 50 years. It is my hope that what I write in this blog resonates with both the novitiate, the veteran Baha’i and others on a multitude of paths.

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