God bless the brave and bloodied freedom marchers of Iran

Finally, we see that they have faces, that they have hearts and minds and souls and that what they want is normal: freedom and fairness, sunlight and spirituality. They certainly want a presidential election that wasn’t manipulated by religious tyrants who were once in the same streets they now fill, in Teheran and elsewhere, demonstrating as young students against what they then saw as tyranny—the Shah and his alleged imperialism The pendulum has swung, perhaps, and this very moment people are dying in the streets of Iranian cities because they have had enough. Dr. King stood up in Montgomery, Alabama in 1965, after weeks of an arduous freedom march from Selma: There, before the steps of the capitol of the Old Confederacy, weary yet determined, his people grieving for a number of murdered marchers, he cried out: “How long will it take? Not long…Because no lie can live forever. How long? Not long…Because the moral arc of the universe bends towards truth.”


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