Say what you will about Monarchists….

There has been some division at the protests outside Iran, and that is perfectly fine. Why are you people yelling and pushing over flags? 

Let’s give credit where it’s due with respect to the Iranian American protests before this movement in Iran started. The monarchists have usually been the ones who stand around chanting this and that about dictators (not the one they like, but that’s OK).

Say what you will about monarchists/MKO, but they were the first to be protesting about the regime with a sense of organization. I think it’s very unfair to say “go away with your flag” to people who have been doing this for a while. Say what you will about their stubborn way, but at least they are consistent. When Khatami came, they protested. When Ahmadinejad came, they were screaming. When leaders in Iran let out a fart, they were there, protesting. So let’s not condemn them for what they want to hold in their hands when they come to protest, OK?

Ian Black (all English people are named Ian. All Iranians are Mahmoud or Hossein) of The Guardian has said that this movement is amorphous and leaderless. That means that at the individual protests in cities outside Iran, no single person, no matter how loud they can raise their voice, has a right to usurp that role.

I absolutely hate Reza Pahlavi (mr. mashallah damagh), but come on. This is just silly to say “democracy!” then pretend like these old farts (yes, most of them are old and sour) shouldn’t have a say too. Be fair guys. 

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