To Soar Like Icarus

Is anyone ever meant to rise, to soar like Icarus?
No matter, everyone still tries to soar like Icarus.

Parents, if you yearn to give your children wings, let them
Learn by chasing butterflies to soar like Icarus.

Rapunzel, Rudabeh, Batcheat – the princess in the tower
Looks out from her prison and sighs, “To soar like Icarus!”

Wax and feathers – a perilous proposition.  But birds don’t need
To kiss the snake to win the prize, to soar like Icarus.

What birds, what planes, what supermen, what rainbows, what bridges
Will we see pass before our eyes to soar like Icarus?

If Daedalus had never created the labyrinth,
He’d never have had to devise to soar like Icarus.

It’s hard enough to fly a kite – then the silken thread breaks and
It disappears into the skies to soar like Icarus.

Old masters and poets watch for the silhouette and listen for
The quiet splash of one who dies to soar like Icarus.

The muse inspires the poet heedlessly upwards – alas!
The poet falls flat, not dead, but lies too sore like Icarus.

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