Conspiracy scenario and fake results of Iranian elections

Most totalitarian dictatorial regimes use the same manner in dealing with their peoples when they see these peoples started protest the dictatorial policies of these regimes. when these totalitarian regimes see getting their citizens out to streets to protest their dictatorial policies, these regimes start alarm announcing that there is external conspiracy try to rush the people to rebelling against the regime thereby these regimes work on creating scenario of existence fake external enemy to delude their citizens that there is external conspiracy is fed by foreigner countries to shaking the national interior security and stop the citizens in demanding with their civil rights same this scenario we see happen for most totalitarian dictatorial regimes around the world, same this scenario these regimes use when they see their peoples started in protest for demand with their civil rights realizing how far the forgery and lying these totalitarian regimes acted on them, and same this scenario happens now in Iran where once Islamic regime found that Iranian people discovered the forgery in final elections results and started protest these fake results, Islamic regime hurried up in accusing the British and United States in standing behind getting crowds of Iranian protesters out to streets for protest these fake results of elections.

It is big shame on Islamic regime and supreme leader, Khamanei when they stated that British and United States are responsible for creating these protests in Iranian street and getting hundreds of thousands of Iranians out to streets for protest fake results of elections because it is ironic matter for Islamic regime to make the will of Iranian people propelled by foreigner countries such as British or United States. Thereby Islamic regime affronted his people when it alleged that British and United States are who propelled Iranian protesters to getting out to streets for protest results of elections. supreme leader, Khamanei when he accused British in standing behind arranging these protests, he gave the right to himself to say that British and US decide the fate of Iranians on their behalf, but supreme leader, Khamanei didn’t realize well that free peoples like Persian nation are who decide their fate by themselves and it is impossible to be propelled by other foreigner countries to decide on their behalf.

Supreme leader, Khamnei didn’t care of how far the insult he directed to Iranian protesters when he accused British government that it is responsible for propelling them to streets to arranging these protests as much as he just care for keeping his throne over Iranians.

Supreme leader, Khamanei wanted abortion the protests in Iran alleging that external sides stood behind arranging these protests to turn the sights of Iranian street from the fake results of these elections and give the right to his regime to suppressing these protests deluding the people that there is external danger threatens Iran behind these protests and it is required unifying the lines to address that alleged danger, but supreme leader couldn’t to delude the Iranians with that fake scenario where protests kept continuous in Iranian streets after his release in spite of using the brutal means by Islamic regime to suppressing the protesters to stopping these protests.

Most totalitarian regimes like Islamic regime work on creating external conspiracy scenario fed by foreign countries when they see their citizens started demand with their civil rights and realize how far the lying and forgery of their totalitarian regimes.

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