Crocodile Tears for Iranians

Some Iranians living in the U.S., who support Ahmadinejad because they believe that he has stood up firmly to the U.S. and has succeeded in setting up Iran’s uranium enrichment facilities, believe that international condemnation of what has been happening in Iran would be tantamount to interfering in Iran’s internal affairs. Not so.
Condemning what has happened in Iran and expressing solidarity with the Green Movement would not be interference in Iran’s internal affairs, because what is being condemned first and foremost are violations of fundamental human and civil rights of the Iranian people, and respect for such rights, and condemning their violations, are universal values.
Just as all peace-loving people condemn the carnage committed by Israel against the Palestinians, by George W. Bush and his cabal against the Iraqis, by Russia against the Chechens, by Saddam Hussein against his compatriots, by the Taliban against the Afghan people and especially Afghan women, and by the government of Sudan against the people of Darfur, they must also condemn what is happening in Iran.
But, for the condemnations to have any credibility, the condemners themselves must have credibility. Thus, in my opinion, only the condemnations of the truly antiwar activists, those who stood firmly against any sanctions or unprovoked attacks on Iran, and true believers in the universality of human rights, not those for whom human rights are a baton to hit the opposition, would … >>>

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